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It feels like we jump out to the 80s era while wearing this Retro Sport edition right? The color combination and the materials really bring back 80s vibes to the millennial era. You can mix and match with your jeans or even a dress. It's a really great outfit to wear!

This Retro Sport edition comes with a jacket and shorts. If you want to adopt the short, you can mix and match with an oversized t-shirt, or a crop-top. We can’t imagine that our adorable character can bring something fresh and nostalgic to you!

Don’t be too shy to express yourself, just rock the Retro Sport now!

Material :100% Tritan Plastic

Specification :hook on bottle cap

Handling washing machine :Dark colors may fade, so please avoid washing with other things (especially white and light). Please use a detergent that does not contain a fluorescent brightener for the generation and light color. do not immerse in water for a long time. After washing, please shape it quickly and dry it in the shade. do not use the dryer after washing with water. Please avoid using softeners as they may reduce the sweat absorption and quick drying function of the fabric. When ironing, please use a cloth.

Size detail ▼


80 mm


200 mm


600 ml

#The unit of measurement is millimeters.

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